ML Olympiad - Sentiment Analysis Of JUMIA Tunisia

Feb 7, 2023 12:00 AM — Mar 2, 2023 12:00 AM
Google Developers

About this competition

This competition is a part of the #MLOlympiad - a set of associated Kaggle Community Competitions hosted by ML GDEs or TFUGs, sponsored by Google Developers.


In this competition, you have a multiclassification problem to determine the sentiment of a customer through his reviews.

Problem Statement

Sentiment analysis (or opinion mining) is a natural language processing (NLP) technique used to determine whether data is positive, negative or neutral. Sentiment analysis is often performed on textual data to help businesses monitor brand and product sentiment in customer feedback, and understand customer needs.
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Boulbaba Ben Ammar
Boulbaba Ben Ammar
Assistant Professor

Boulbaba Ben Ammar is an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department, University of Sfax, Tunisia.