Modeling and Data Science

Jun 30, 2022 9:00 AM
Faculty of science - University of Sfax
A workshop will be organized between the Data Engineering and Semantics research unit and the Probability and Statistics laboratory at the Faculty of Sciences of Sfax. This workshop entitled modeling and data science is part of the cooperation between the two research structures. It encourages the researchers of the two teams to collaborate in the thematic of data sciences.


08:45 Fraud Detection Using Large-scale Imbalance Dataset (Z. Alkalidy & B. Ben Ammar)

09:30 Latent Semantic Analysis (N. Jarboui)

10:15 Hidden Markov Model & Principal Component Analysis (A. Masmoudi)

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Generalized Linear Models (K. Masmoudi)

12:15 Poster session (PhD students)

12:30 Smartvisor: Industrialization Model for Research Work (W. Ayedi)

13:00 Lunch

Mohamed Ben Aouicha
Mohamed Ben Aouicha
Associate professor

My research interests concern information retrieval, semantic technologies, social media analytics, knowledge representation, Big Data and graph embedding.